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what is drybrow™?

drybrow™ is the result of years of first hand experience wearing sports headwear by founder Charlotte Barrow. Finding that hats and helmets used in sport very quickly became laden with sweat, causing a build up of bacteria on linings and making them rather unpleasant to wear she embarked upon finding a solution to the problem. Read the full story of drybrow’s creation below.

These revolutionary liners are super absorbent, ultra thin, disposable and designed for all sports activity from amateur to elite. Quick and easy to use, drybrow™ liners conform to your forehead and fit into any hat, helmet or cap. Ultra slim, they do not effect the fit of your headwear.

"We have long pondered at drybrow™ HQ on a solution to damp, stale headgear, sweat in our eyes, foggy masks and visors not to mention hat hair and makeup stains! We have found an answer…our super absorbent, ultra thin and disposable liners, designed to fit inside any hat, helmet, cap or other headwear item"
- Charlotte Barrow – Founder
drybrow™ hat liners


drybrow™ hat liners

The beginnings of drybrow™ hat liners started many years ago and a combination of factors have lead me to develop this product.  It isn’t rocket science, but I hope my idea will improve the experience of wearing sporting headgear.  Ultimately, hats save lives and we should all be able to wear them without feeling compromised.

I have loved sport and the outdoors for as long as I can remember. There are so many childhood memories . . . playing cricket in the garden with my grandpa at the tender age of six; my dad on his knees, in front of the television, shouting with joy as Lynford Christie crossed the 100m finish line and broke the world record; learning to play tennis and spending hours smashing the “Swingball” round and round and cycling madly for miles with friends.  But my biggest love from the moment I could communicate, was horses. My little voice, asking for a pony at least once a day started at about 4 years of age and persisted until finally one appeared! I was hooked and horses from then on were part of my life!

Growing up I’d decided that career in sport was the goal. Sadly the garden cricket, ‘swing ball’ shots and hours cycling weren’t amounting to me becoming a professional athlete. I was desperate to work with horses but my parents encouraged me to go off and study. I headed to London and came away with a degree in Sports Rehabilitation with Sports Science. The following year I trained to be an Equine Sports Therapist and was now itching to get out there!

I got my first ‘proper’ job, working at a busy sports injury clinic. A link with Uk Athletics opened the door to gain experience at many international events including the World Indoors, various Grand Prix’s and the London 2012 Olympic Games. My time quickly split between treating humans and horses and to be immersed in equine sport was a goal reached. My work took me from the UK to New Zealand, Thailand to the USA and back again!

I would start my day at the crack of dawn. An alarm awakening, jodhpurs on, bag at the door containing smart’ish clinic clothing and some kind of deodoriser to disguise that horsey smell, and off I’d go to the stables. Two hours later, mucking out done and horses ridden I’d be changing for work and removing my stinky riding hat, wondering how I was going to eradicate hat hair and the smell of stale sweat for another day. The non-horsey human patients I had waiting in the clinic may not embrace that look or whiff! No amount of sponging the lining or spraying deodorisers was cutting it. Someone even mentioned putting their expensive hats in the dishwasher! This just didn’t make sense to me, after all how would that affect the life saving, internal structure of your helmet?

The ‘hat dilemma’ continued until one evening my mum suggested we mock something up to sit in the front of my helmet. She loves a challenge, and being handy with needle and thread set about turning a towelling head band into a liner that we velcro’d into place. Hallelujah I thought! You should send that to “Dragons’ Den” said my dad, looking on from the sofa! That sowed the seed for me.

After a while I realised that although mum’s band helped, it was a little thick, making my hat tight and giving me a headache. It needed regular washing and moved around so white towelling regularly ended up poking out, not the best look when you’re all suited and booted ready to go into the ring! I still couldn’t believe that there was nothing on the UK market to protect the huge range of expensive and specialised sports headgear we pay good money for. With this, I decided to develop our idea and create a product to solve these problems, not just for me but for all other hat wearers too!

I spent many hours with a water spray bottle in hand, testing the absorbency of different materials, cutting up a multitude of prospective shapes and standing looking in the mirror with them on my forehead! Any hat I could find got my liner applied to it until I had my design; a super absorbent, ultra thin, self-adhesive, disposable liner and it was black, avoiding the white overspill!

The next challenge was to find a manufacturer and emails went out across the globe until I found someone willing to help.  Samples have been sent out for testing and the feedback has been excellent!  The name “drybrow” was selected from a long list of suggestions compiled by faithful friends and family and I think it says it all.

Now we are ready to go and I am very excited to be embarking on a completely new venture, one that should allow everyone who wears a hat and loves their sport to do it with a drybrow!


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