drybrow™ liners (10 liner pack)

drybrow™ hat linersdrybrow™ hat linersdrybrow™ hat linersdrybrow™ hat linersdrybrow™ hat linersdrybrow™ linerdrybrow™ linerdrybrow™ linerdrybrow™ liner
drybrow™ hat liners

drybrow™ liners (10 liner pack)


drybrow™ super absorbent, ultra thin, disposable hat liners are designed for all sports activity from amateur to elite. Quick and easy to use, the hat liners conform to your forehead and fits into any hat, helmet or cap. Ultra slim, they do not effect the fit of your headwear.

Pack contains 10 disposable hat liners.

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    These are terrific

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    I was sceptical about how effective these would be for cycling, so I tried one out while I was indoors on my Wattbike with my helmet on! After an hour’s cycling, the sweat was everywhere except in my eyes – my forehead was dry. They really do work – amazingly effective.

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    Tested this sample for mountain biking sessions. When I used the dry brow I had no sweat running down my forehead and in my eyes and at the end when I took it out it was heavy with all it had absorbed. Next time out I didn’t have it and really felt the difference so came home and ordered a pack!

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    Very effective and will keep using. Nice thing is you don’t feel it’s there but it’s working all the same.

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    I tried the drybrow for the first time this past weekend at a horse show. At first I was skeptical as it is so thin, however it certainly proved to be more than I expected. The liner is super thin and fit easily inside my Charles Owen helmet without changing the fit. After a day of showing, my helmet padding was substantial dryer than usual and it kept the sweat from running. Two thumbs up!

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    I was lucky enough to be asked to review Drybrow, I had two lessons in the scorching sunshine last weekend I was amazed how dry my hair and forehead was. I had my first lesson on my youngster who is very hard work, then a lesson on my other pony where we concentrated mostly on canter work so the liner was really put to the test. I was really happy with it and it was really comfortable I forgot I was wearing it. DryBrow gets top marks from me thank you for sending me a sample . Mollie Whitham (FB page Mollie Whitham dressage)

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    Hi, just wanted to say – amazing. Having battled with hat hair for the last 15 years with riding and schooling before work and then trying to look like I’m a business woman. I used my drybrow this week on hot mornings and what a difference. It doesn’t stop the squished crash helmet hair look, but the matted, sweaty look is a thing of the past. Thank you, I will definitely be buying more.

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    I tried the liner in my riding hat today and have schooled 3 horses in heat of approx 26 degrees. Normally my hat would be wet through across the brow area as would my hair. Today the liner, my hat and my hair were all almost dry after riding each horse. I am amazed! Where all that sweat has gone, I don’t know as the liner is so slim I can’t imagine how it has absorbed everything! I will definitely be using the liners in future.

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